I may have said this before, but I still think Alex Noren will have value at events with bigger names in the field.

He is still under-performing from this year, is young enough where he should improve and hits a ton of greens in regulation. Worldwide, he is still my favorite golfing investment at the moment.

In related news, Alex Noren has a blog! I recommend scrolling down and finding some of the YouTube videos. The idea of Alex teaching anyone about the short game is preposterous, even without gay Euro trash sounding music in the background and random air shows.

In other news, I couldn’t hold of Luke Donald this week. I’m sure the fact that he played the whole FedEx Cup and is now going 6(or 5) times zones east in one week probably doesn’t help. But, Oh well.

Alex the Great to win +8000(.12)
Alex The Great top-5 +1000(.9)
Luke Donald to win +4000(.25)
Luke Donald top-5 +600(1.42)

Full Tourneys:
Charl Schwartzel over Nick Dougherty -110(1)
*Adding a second unit on: Sim -110 v. Moore(1)

Round 1:
Louis “Uzi” Oosthuizen over Trevor Immelman -110(1)


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  1. Looking over the lines for a final time, If you want an out-of-nowhere pick try Nicholas Thompson(225-1) at Turning Stone or Seung Yul-Noh(525-1) in Europe.

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