South Carolina came through, Nevada is retarded and I played a lot of games that I shouldn’t have, just because they were more obscure games. Then, the NFL is terrible. I think that sums it up.

In honor of Nevada, I decided to come up with some running awards races:

JaMarcus Russell Award-to the nation’s least outstanding QB.
Favorite: Joe Kemp, Colin Kaepernick
This one is literally too close to call in the early season. Kemp is terrible, but Kaepernick’s refusal to hit a reciever in stride last Friday night garnered some serious sway with the voters.
Also in contention: Juice Williams, Ryan Colburn, Byron Leftwich

Chris Ault Award- for excellence in incompetent coaching
Favorite: Chris Ault
It’s going to be tough to beat Chris Ault’s performance from Friday night, although with a whole season and I wouldn’t put it past some coaches. The best part about Ault’s performance is that the true genius of his ineptness was somewhat hidden because Gary Pinkel tried to match him.
Also in contention: Tom Cable, Gary Pinkel, Dabo Swinney

Detroit Lions award-Overall failure and disappointment
Favorite: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I have watched most of all three Bucs games and can literally count on one hand the number of good things they have done this season. Coincidentally, I can count on one hand the number of first downs they had yesterday against the Giants. This category is by no means a run away just yet. Nevada is close on the college front, and St. Louis, the Browns and Seattle will all feel a little hurt not to be included.
Also in contention: Browns, Seahawks, Rams, Nevada,

Miami Dolphins 17-minute Drill Award: For failure captured in one play or sequence.
Favorite: Miami’s two minute drill.
I’m putting that slightly ahead of Nevada and Mizzou’s two point conversion calculators, Nevada ending the game with an offsides for now.

As I rushed through this, feel free to add in any suggestions. I’ll try to keep this a running feature(READ: Will last two weeks).

Colorado +17.5 @ WVU
Utah St +24 @ BYU
Syracuse +7 v. South Florida
UGA -2.5 v. LSU
Mississippi St +4 v. GaTech
Wazzou +31 @ Oregon
Cal +5.5 v. USC
UTEP +16.5 v. Houston

Other thoughts:
-Vegas has Alabama as only about 3pts worse than Florida, judging by the lines. I think it might be closer.
-Not exactly a ton of ringing endorsements from Vegas from LSU.
-Chris Ault favored? something is wrong with that.
-Little concerned that the Cal line is that high, I thought they would be small dogs. Personally, I don’t think USC is very good, I would have rather seen Vegas take a stand.

I’ll do NFL leans tomorrow.


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