Put this in last night:

South Carolina +3 +115(4)

As everyone saw almost immediately, there is just no justification for this line. South Carolina has a 4 point win against N.C. “we might be as bad as Maryland” State and a 4 point loss to a clearly terrible Georgia team. They also led by 1 last week at halftime against FAU. Clearly they are a bad team. On the other hand, Mississippi St is ranked 4th in the country and has absolutely rolled through their first two opponents.

On a positive note, Ole Miss had/has some serious questions on the line coming into the season and has out-gained their crappy opponents by less than South Carolina has out-gained their probably slightly less crappy opponents. If South Carolina, and it’s probably a big if(as in near impossible if), doesn’t play Miami Dolphins idiotic football I feel confident that they are less than 6 points worse on a neutral field than Ole Miss.


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  1. cajuncook

    NC State wishes they were as bad as Maryland.

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