1. Tiger Woods
How he got here: If Tiger wasn’t off coming off an injury I think he might be a little disappointed with this season, as he never really reached 2008’s heights until the last 6 weeks. While Tiger didn’t quite equal 2008, he was still by far(~1.5 strokes per round over #2 Stricker) the best player in the world. Then after missing the cut at the British Open he caught fire once again and for the last six tournaments(meaningful?) has returned to an absurd level of play from 2008. Tiger is the hands down choice for player of the year if your criteria is best player in the world, regardless of what happens this week.

East Lake Prediction: As I said before the BMW, Tiger could easily be confused as someone who has a lot of value. He seems to be the right age where he would be entering his prime, he has played below his level for last season and he hits a ton of greens and my numbers(see below) say he will win almost 46% of the time. That was all fine and good, when he was putting like a dog and not coming off a 8-shot victory. Considering, he is also the most famous golfer in the world, I won’t be taking Tiger to win this week, but there are much stupider things you could do.
Line to win: +120



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