12. Nick Watney
How he got here: Watney dominated the first part of the season. You know, the part where no one paid attention because Tiger wasn’t really playing. Watney made me incredibly mad with his win at Torrey Pines after I think I played him about 5 times before the end of last season and he crapped the bed all 5 times.

East Lake Prediction: Watney has been one of the 10 best players on Tour this year. In his case, playing better this year, could probably be weighted more meaningfully because of his age. I have no idea what to expect from Watney this week, but 85-1 seems somewhat inviting if you consider thats almost exactly where my numbers have him, but he’s probably slightly better than his 2-year average.
Line to win: 70-1

11. Sean O’Hair
How He got here: Getting slapped around by Tiger on Sunday at Bay Hill, then returning the favor on Sunday at Quail Hollow. By the numbers almost identical to Watney on the 2-year average, although slightly worse this year and slightly better last season.

East Lake Prediction: Like Watney, the second half of the season has not been as kind to O’Hair as the first. However, he has shown signs of life the last two weeks finishing in the top-ten twice. Unlike Watney, apparently some people noticed.
Line to win: 65-1

10. Luke Donald
How he got here: Donald struggled with an injury coming into the season, but actually posted some pretty good results before quitting in the Match Play Tournament. Donald posted nothing but consistent results for the rest of the season, only really finishing high at the British Open, but making a ton of cuts.

East Lake Prediction: Winner. I don’t know why, but I really like Donald this week. He has two years of stellar and even play and you rarely here him mentioned as one of the 20 best golfers in the world, like he probably should be. One concern is that a wet East Lake stretched to the tips could be too much for Donald, but whatever, he’s still very good and plays courses that are this long routinely. Which reminds me:
Luke Donald to win +7500(.25) No sense waiting until Wednesday, if I’m talking about Donald now.
Line to win: 55-1

I’ll try to bang through the rest for Tomorrow, plus deal with the exciting possibility that there is a match-play event called the “Vivendi Trophy” going on this week. If that is true, it’s game over.


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