-That 75-minute drill that Miami ran just summed up what turned out to be a terrible NFL week 2.

-Why would you QB sneak on 3rd and 1 with no timeouts? That is basically a free play. Take a shot down field.

-Much will probably be made about the ToP factor, which is not really relevant. The important part of Miami’s strategy was that they limited the Colts number of plays. Miami ran 84 plays to the Colts 35. They also out-gained them 405-356.

-The problem with Miami’s strategy was that their defense was horrendous. The Colts averaged over 10 YARDS PER PLAY. That is hideous. You have to give the coaching staff credit, because they did a nice job limiting the number of touches the Colts got. The offensive line also kicked some serious ass. You just can’t allow 10 yards per play and expect to win many games.

-There is nothing revolutionary about the Spread/Wildcat/Single Wing offense. In fact, it reverts back to football basics that have been used for probably 75 years. The spread offense does three things, it spreads the field. More area is harder to defend then less area. Makes the game 11-on-11. More people are harder to defend than less People. And it allows you to get to the point of attack much quicker. It’s not revolutionary. It’s simple and it works. It is by far the best way for a team with less talent to compete against a more athletic defense(Tulane excepted). More teams in the NFL should run it.

The Obvious question is why they don’t. I think the answer is it doesn’t look like an offense that should work in the NFL, or(not to get all TMQ) it is too simple for highly paid coaches and athletes to justify running. As is often the case though, the simplest answer is often the best.

The other obvious point is that it is not a gimmick. It relies on solid football principles and given time will definitely make its way into the pro game given that the coaches are smart. Look how it has “spread” through college.

-Well, this was a disappointing weekend to say the least. I may have been to aggressive in certain spots, but oh well. I still feel like all of the lines I took were influenced way too much by week 1 overreactions. Taking that big a stake in the Eagles was probably a bit aggressive.

-On the College front, not much to say except my 1-AA picks would have gone 3-0(never seriously considered playing them, although I make no promises later in the season.) USC losing sucked, because I can’t see how they are a better team than Cal right now and it would have been fun to exploit the USC is good myth for a few more weeks. I’m thinking Cal could possibly be even in that game now, although I have no idea what it was before the season started(+3?).

College Leans:
USC +3(Gamecocks)
Illinois +14.5
Clemson -3
Mississippi St. +13
Rice +7.5
Stanford -7

USC is a definite. I like all the others, except Stanford seems pretty borderline.

Titans +1.5
Cleveland +14
Tampa Bay +8
San Fran +7
Buffalo +5

None of that seems particularly strong to me.


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