Bad variance is due to happen, so despite the following few lines I’m not really that angry about last night:

-If you bet on Boise St. you are a moron. No way in hell they are 10-11 points better than Fresno on a neutral field.

-Yards gained last night: Fresno 507, Boise St. 480

-I’m not going to say having good special teams is not a factor in football, but it has a way of being over emphasized in a game. Clearly, Fresno St. has bad special teams, but the amount of return yards that Boise State got, plus the INT return is just luck. It’s like in golf, over 1000 putts sure Tiger is probably the best from 30 feet, but its not that big of a difference. Over 4 rounds, a few made putts from that distance make a huge difference.

-Those two teams were retarded. I’m pretty sure the general strategy on defense in that game was lets just send eight guys rushing straight towards the line of scrimmage if we make a tackle, fine, if not, we get the ball back 7 points later. As AM pointed out, Boise obviously could exploit the screen. All of Fresno’s big plays came when the RB broke through the line and ran through the line and there was no deep safety. As far as I could tell, the only passing play that worked was run straight down the field into one-on-one coverage and make a play.

-To the Fresno State safety who dropped that INT, you are an asshole.

-If leading with the helmet is a point of emphasis, than that should have been a 15 yard penalty on fourth down on Boise State. I’m not saying I felt the hit was excessive, but if leading with the helmet is a penalty, Venable dove straight over the top of the RB and right into Coburn, hitting high and leading with the head.

-Seriously, I’m not mad about last night.

-Quote of the night, from the Fresno State frat guy describing how long the tradition of sitting on the roof and watching practice has been going on, “Well, we’ve done it ever since I was a Freshman, so…5 years.”

-I’m passing all the college crap today. I guess Temple and maybe Oregon are solid plays, but I’m not thrilled to get involved in those games with the NFL card looming. Solid logic? probably not. Again, if this was week 9 and I was bored(and not laying -115) I’d take VMI(+34) at James Madison, Norfolk St.(+29.5) against William & Mary, UPenn(+12.5) v. Villanova(The CAA is the SEC of the small schools). I dare you tell me those are less ugly than anything you are playing today.

-Opened up the Greek’s future odds for CFB conference winners and these stuck out to me:
Illinois 10-1 to win the Big10(Michigan is 3-1, really?)
Cal 3-1 to win the Pac10
OU 3-1 to win the Big12
OSU 5-1 to win the Big12
Not sure, nor do I feel like checking this out right now, if any of those are actually value, but they look decent to me.

Put these in last night:
Eagles pick’em +100 (2)
KC -3 +100(1)
Minnesota -10 -105(2)
-explanation coming tomorrow.



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  2. Fuck. I’m an idiot. I really did put in Minnesota, obviously meant Detroit there.

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