16. Mike Weir
How he got here: Weir was consistently one of the better players on tour this year, not getting as much attention as maybe other former major champions. Weir had a second and third early in the season, but otherwise hasn’t made too much noise, other than a lot of solid finishes and only four missed cuts.

East Lake Prediction: I guess Weir could slip under the radar at an event like this, but I’m not sure. There are better options
Line to win: 60-1

15. David Toms
How he got here: Toms turned a less than stellar effort in 2008, into probably a top ten type season on the PGA Tour. Toms failed to convert solid play this year into a win, finishing second three times. He also made only one cut at a major if that matters.

East Lake Prediction: You have to give credit to Toms for his strong showing this year. However, you can’t discount last season or the fact that at 42 there is probably very little chance that Toms improves going forward.
Line to win: 60-1

14. Retief Goosen
How he got here: Goosen is almost identical to David Toms down to the age and former major champion and returning from a down year. Goosen, however, managed to win at the Transitions Championship, and almost won(lost in a playoff) at the Canadian Open.

East Lake Prediction: Goosen continues to be one of the most overrated players on Tour in my opinion. You are paying for a major championship and great play this season. The problem again, is that 2008 matters, too. I know I’ll be rooting for Goosen to finish DFL, but Steve Marino has to play a round on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so 29th sounds good.
Line to win: 55-1

13. Ernie Els
How he got here: Hard to say. Els only finished five times in the top-10 this season in stroke play and scored no wins. I guess a second place finish two weeks ago was good enough to sneak Els in at 22.

East Lake Prediction: Not much difference between Els and Goosen, other than Els has been stronger throughout his career than Goosen and he hasn’t made such a year-to-year jump. Still going forward, its hard to see such a prominent member of the “Big 5″(what a joke that was) having a better long term outlook than Goosen.
Line to win: 55-1


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