If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m arbitrarily breaking down the field into related groups switching my rankings around a little so I can talk about related players and calling that “ranking.” To be honest, if you take out Tiger and the first 5 guys I talked about, there isn’t much difference between the rest of the field.

20. Brian Gay
How he got here: Guess I should have included Gay in the last post, but that’s what happens when I hastily make a rankings list of golfers as I go. Gay won twice on Tour this year, and quite dominantly, but also threw together a stretch of only one finish in the top-20 since his win in Memphis.

East Lake Prediction: Gay is not really a long hitter, which shouldn’t be a problem at East Lake and if he is on top of his game he can certainly play as well as anyone, but he has shown nothing lately to prove that he is on top of his game(not normally a concern) and there is nothing to indicate he is abnormally underrated(a concern), so I’ll say bottom half for Gay.
Line to win: 90-1

19. John Senden
How he got here: By hitting a ton of greens. Senden has hit more greens than anyone else on tour this year, although I’d probably say Tiger is best against the average player simply because he hits a lot of greens in harder than average tournaments. Senden’s high GIR percentage is not exactly out of the ordinary either has he hasn’t finished outside the top-10 in the last four years.

East Lake Prediction: Senden has played quite well recently and hits a lot of greens, which is always a good sign for me. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Senden contend at East Lake, but I get the feeling that he is playing over his head right now and there are definitely better options out there.
Line to win: 90-1

18. Steve Marino
How he got here: By being awesome, of course. Steve has a remarkable habit of playing like Tiger Woods on Thursday and Greg Norman in the final round of the Masters on Sunday.

East Lake Prediction: Marino will follow a course record 59 on Thursday with four straight rounds over par, then loses the tournament and the FedEx cup with a five putt on the 72nd hole.
Line to win: 80-1

17. Kevin Na
How he got here: Quite anonymously. Na has moved into the 60th spot in the OWGR’s after posting 9 top ten finishes in 25 appearances on Tour this year. Na is one of the rising stars that people haven’t really heard of and is having his best year so far.

East Lake Prediction: At some point, Na will have to breakthrough against a top field. I’m not sure East Lake is the time, though. For one, he seems to be too hot for my liking with three finishes of 25-18-11 in the Playoffs. Na could contend here, but I like him at other courses better.
Line to win: 75-1



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2 responses to “WHO?

  1. They’ve got a couple more new tees at East Lake this year and if they play the goofy tee on 6, I believe the total length exceeds 7500 yards. Gay might be a miss-hit driver from not reaching the 13th or 17th fairways.

  2. Interesting. Didn’t realize they stretched it out so much. That is pretty brutal for a par-70.

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