I wrote up half a post on stupid coaching, then I saw Tom Cable and Norv Turner in action last night and I wanted to wait and fully include that stupidy in it. So I guess, that is coming at some point later.

NFL Week 2 Leans, Thinly Sliced:




NYG-Penciled this in as a lean at +3 -110, but, as I thought that wouldn’t stick. No way the NYG=Cowboys. +1 seems pretty fair.

KC -4 v. Oakland-That line is a guess. Oakland winning last night would have been infinitely better for this game, than even a San Diego blowout.

Way more excited about Week 2.



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4 responses to “FIRST GLANCE NFLers

  1. Should probably add the Bears in as a small lean going against Pittsburgh.

  2. cajuncook

    Really? I would think that would be a must play. The Bears offense looked like shit against Green Bay’s defense — people can say anything they want about their new defensive scheme, it’s not the freaking Pittsburgh Steelers defense, even sans Polamalu.

    • I see where your coming from, but Chicago was pretty popular in its own right coming into the season, so I’m not rushing to get on that one. Obviously, I can see where it becomes a strong contrarian play, but I can also see where it is more borderline.

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