A few things popped out to me from week 2’s primetime match-up between tOSU and USC. First, I was clearly wrong on USC. I thought for sure they would have a lot more talent at the key positions(both lines) than OSU despite questions about both units. That was clearly not the case. tOSU man-handled USC on the lines for the most part, especially the USC offensive line.

Second, that last drive had nothing to do with Matt Barkley. The Offensive line finally looked competent for basically the first time all game, USC appeared to spread out the field a little more than they had done and Joe McKnight is a heck of player. He has the speed and agility to do a lot of dancing, but on that final drive he put his head down and maxed out the yards on every one of his’ carries.

Third, Terrelle Pryor is going to kill the Buckeyes this year. He is a great athlete, will get a ton of hype, but the bottomline is he is a horrifically inaccurate passer. I have a feeling I’m going to be a big fan of Pryor’s this year, because he has all the makings of QBing a 4-8 ATS team.

Fourth, the sweatervest cost tOSU the game. Remember when Craig Krenzel threw for the endzone on 4th and 1 and the season on the line against Purdue? Well, Tressel apparently didn’t. Being conservative is nice and all, but when you have a good team, you are almost always better off spreading out the field and playing aggressively. The difference in that game was Carrol was 3/4 on 4th down, while Tressel was afraid to try. It’s like Tiger shooting for the middle of the greens. I’m sure it makes him feel better, but he would almost certainly be better firing at every flag as his birdies would outweigh his bogeys.

Fourth, USC has got to be overrated. I don’t think tOSU is a top-ten team, and based on the way that game played out that means USC is not as good as everyone thinks. That analysis may be based on an incredibly small sample size, but lets go Jake Locker.

Finally, I should have been on tOSU, but I’m not too down on that. I would have felt worse going against my doubts and losing then sticking to whatever doubts I had about that one and passing a win. I feel worse, though, about some of the smaller games I played namely New Mexico.

Week 3 Leans, Thinly Sliced:
Lines from 5dimes.

Fresno St. +7.5 v. Boise St.
Temple +29.5 v. PSU
Mississippi St. +8 v. Vanderbilt
Duke +21 v. Kansas
Washington +21 v. USC
Nebraska +3.5 v. Va Tech
Toledo +20.5 v. tOSU
Auburn -6.5 v. WVU
OU -15.5 v. Tulsa
Utah St. +17.5 v. Texas A&M
Florida St +7 v. BYU
Middle Tenny St. +6 v. UMd

I’m pretty sure I won’t play most of that. Right now I’d say Washington, Duke, Toledo, Florida St. are the best.


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