If you asked me Thursday night about 8:45, with the knowledge that I would be backing Toledo, and a Dabo Swinney coached-team falling down multiple touchdowns, would I be 2-0 heading to the weekend, that answer would be no.

And yet, here we stand. I’m trying to take it a little easy because I’ve been on an unreasonably lucky pace to start off the season, there are a ton of options out there and its Early in the season. This is what I came up with:

Marshall +19.5 -107(1)
This one seems a little easy, because in my mind Virginia Tech got blown out last weekend. If you account for the actual score of the game, though, most people probably think it was a close game.

Louisiana Tech +7.5 -109(1)
Apparently Navy played well last weekend.

Houston +15.5 -110(1)
I’m pretty sure the spread was in this range last year(maybe a little shorter) when OSU ran through the Houston defense for almost 700 TOTAL YARDS.

UConn +4.5 -108(1)
The Big East is good at Football.

Virginia +11 -105(1)
THEY LOST TO A 1-AA TEAM LAST WEEK. In fairness to UVa, some of the top 1-aa teams are actually pretty decent, I’m not sure this year’s William and Mary is one of them. That also brings up the point, if CCSU(playing William and Mary) wasn’t -115 and it was a slow day otherwise, they would probably be a good look in the small schools area. I’d also add South Dakota(UNI) and Delaware(Richmond) as possible 1-aa looks if I wanted the action. Clearly, I don’t.

New Mexico +17-102(1)
Tulsa was “really good” last year, and dominated last week. In reality they weren’t as impressive as some of the point totals they posted last year and only outgained Tulane 412-364 last week, which is not as bad as 37-13 would indicate.

Tulane +18.5 -106(1)
The other half of last week’s Tulsa-Tulane debacle going against a team that knocked out Oklahoma. Should be fun.

Ohio State is a game time decision and caused me more aggravation than any other. All the obvious factors point to tOSU as a play, but I am uneasy with the fact that they are ranked so highly relative to where I think they should be. Maybe my thinking is wrong here, but I just didn’t feel comfortable with this for some reason. I can’t really explain it, and feel free to disagree with me, but this one is probably a pass.

Staying away from all the small teams +35 against a BCS conference team at home junk as well. Mentally, that stuff is not worth it.


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