Let’s just hand the division over to the Vikings.

Bears: I guess I’d put the Bears first, but I still don’t think they are that great of a team. Favre certainly didn’t make the Vikings that much better, and the Packers were unlucky but still not great. So, Bears it is.

Packers: Only because I hate Brett Favre with a passion. The Packers were one of the unluckiest teams last year finishing at 6-10, while outscoring their opponents by 39. Still, they aren’t much better than 9-7 in my opinion and because of an easy schedule, I have seen them get some attention.

Vikings: Brett Favre makes this team the most overrated team in football. The problem is they went from a sneaky good team because of solid line play to a horrifically overrated team with good line play. That makes me a little concerned about fading them, but those will all be erased by kick off in Cleveland on Sunday.

Lions: I wish this season opened up with a rematch between the Lions and Falcons like last season did. The Lions will be by far the worst team in this division and a rookie who was generally mediocre in college could be an adventure, but they should win some games this year.

VERDICT: Vikings are almost an auto-fade, pick your spots against the Bears, and with the Packers and the Lions should be pretty unpopular at least until they win.


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