This one seems like we might as well just hand the division over to the Patriots.

Patriots: For my money, the best team in the NFL. Getting Brady back will be big, and the changes on the defensive should make them faster in the linebacking corps. Losing Seymour probably won’t be too problematic, because Belicheck wouldn’t give up a line player for a potentially high draft pick(that I bet he trades away) if he didn’t feel confident that he could replace him.

Jets: Yup, I’ll go ahead and put the Jets second although I don’t like some of the changes they have done in the offseason. Mangini was a good coach that got screwed by Brett Favre. For several years prior the Jets had been building a solid core around the offensive lines, so while trading up for Sanchez will probably hurt them in the long-run, I’m willing to say losing Farve won’t cost them too much. .500 at best for the Jets.

Miami: Did you know they run a single wing offense? Miami is the best example of potential regression to the mean. They were underrated last year, but also got a lot of lucky breaks. Making the playoffs changes how people view that Miami team from last year, and I’ll put them on par with the Jets.

Buffalo: Could be a long season for Buffalo. I don’t see much to like here, but they are probably right in the 5-7 win range that the Jets and Dolphins are in as well.

VERDICT: Pats should be overrated, Jets could be good in spots, I’m avoiding the Dolphins and Buffalo should be a team that I’ll be on a few times.


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