There wasn’t a much better feeling than sitting on the beach Sunday afternoon with a 4-1(not posted, feel free to not believe me) NCAA weekend and Alex Noren in the winner’s circle at the Omega Masters.

I didn’t watch it at all, so short of scrolling down for what seemed like forever on my Blackberry to check scores every minute there is not much insight I can actually add. I’ll assume that Noren cruised for an easy victory and that they are dancing just as much in the streets of Stockholm as they are in Contrarianville.

What I can try to guess at is where Alex Noren will be valued from here on out. Normally, it seems that the price will drop down for a few weeks then people will forget about it and it will return to normal.

I’m not so sure that will be the case with Alex, though. Despite what the books kept offering, Noren is not necessarily unknown. If you follow the PGA tour, you probably don’t know Noren. If you gamble on the European Tour you sure has hell have heard of Alex. He’s not really a secret over there and gets much more coverage than his American half-brother Steve Marino.

Secondly, unless the golf department at 5dimes is stupid, which they may be, they probably won’t be messing around with Noren after the action he received from Contrarianville.

Does this mean Noren, will necesarily be overrated? I don’t think so. If my numbers are to be believed than there is still a decent gap between what the prices were and what they should have been.

At many of the smaller Euro events, Noren was in the top four or five best players(if not the best) and could be had for 50-75 to one. I don’t think we will see any prices that generous anymore. The other side of that is that this win puts Noren in some bigger events going forward. With all the big names in the field, Noren is still probably a great look. Remember, even with the victory, Noren is still underpreforming from 2008 and it is entirely reasonable to think the 27-year-old should trend upward over the next 5 years. I know I have a hard time thinking there will be a better look in the field at the HSBC Champions event than Alex the Great. Other potential dream looks include v. Tiger in round 1 of the match-play. That is (personal max) defined.

Steve Stricker
Maybe its because his golf swing is as seemingly boring as his personality, but there is no more disrespected golfer than Steve Stricker. He has easily posted the best season this year of anyone not named Tiger. Stricker gave himself a chance to win yet again at another elite fielded event, although since it wasn’t a major no one will pay attention.

If the Fed-Ex cup was awarded to the best player for the season than it still should be Tiger, but Steve Stricker is a lot closer to Tiger right now than anyone has been for awhile now(still not all that close)

I remember awhile back, I posed the question of whether Stricker was the second best player in the world. Based on the last 365 days, it’s not really even close. Stricker doesn’t have the big time(major wins), but honestly this win this week is just as impressive. I’m not sure when he’ll slow down, but right now Stricker is hands down the #2 player in the world.


Cog Hill
Should be a great tournament, with a strong field on a great course, that has apparently undergone some rennovations. Everyone I like as a gut reaction has done too well the past few weeks so I may make it another slow week on the outright front at least to start the week.



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2 responses to “ALEX THE GREAT

  1. Eric

    Re: Stricker

    I heard Johnny Miller claim on the telecast yesterday that Stricker has had an up and down season, citing his 77 in the last round of the Hope as the down. I laughed.

  2. Almost as funny as the reputation he had for being a huge choker after one bad round.

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