I don’t intend for these unreasonable circumstances below to lead to a profitable betting strategy, but I wanted to try for my pride.

Here’s how it is going to work:
-I will compile my field odds
-I will copy down the 5dimes odds(only because they list all the players) at indiscriminate, random and probably inconsistent times.
-I will determine every player in the field with a +EV, whether it is .00000005 or .14.
-I will theoretically flat bet all these players to win a mythical $10,000.
-I will keep track and see how I do.

So far, I have only kept track of the past two weeks using my Tour adjusted two year numbers. Coincidentally, Stricker(+.8%) and Slocum(+.02%) were both +EV, so I am mythically 2-89, +$8,066.90 in the past two weeks.

Again, I’ll post the +EV guys each week, sometimes venture to the European Tour and in the end learn or change nothing about how I pick outrights. The goal is to find out how much I can trust the numbers.

Overall: 2-89, $8,066.90
DB Champ: 1-47, Risk $6253, +$3746
Barclays: 1-42, Risk $5679, +$4320

I’ll actually post the +EV players from now on, but don’t expect it to change the way I make my outrights.



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2 responses to “CAN MY NUMBERS BEAT 5DIMES?

  1. cajuncook

    Do you not have past odds saved?

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