I’ll be out of town for the weekend and internet access will be limited, so while I will be playing some football games(probably similar to everyone else) they most likely will not be posted on the site. If you want to complain about any of the golf I may be floating around in the comments section(or on twitter).

Second, here are all the scores I had for Barclays. I am 99% sure they are right, but I could be wrong so let me know if I am(if you can figure out that chart).

Third, here are the picks:

Anthony Kim +116 v. Retief Goosen(4)
Marino -102 v. Yang(2)
Ben Crane +150 v. Vijay Singh(1)
Sergio +116 v. Harrington(1)

Round 1:
Kim +105 v. Goosen(1)
Marino -110 v. Yang(1)
Crane +145 v. Vijay(1)
Sergio +105 v. Harrington(1)

For a variety of reasons that I will go into next week, I am passing the outrights in this tournament. Kim probably would have been my pick, but I really didn’t have the time to give the full field a look this week, so I didn’t want to rush into Kim, although my numbers have him as the second most +EV behind Phil.

Good luck, and get your contest picks in before Friday.


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