SftC: AUG 27

Somehow, I miraculously ended up at 4 after yesterday, although apparently I didn’t put in the early tennis match with Meltzer(which won).

I’m going to play a little looser until I get into the 6-7 range so it may be busier than you think. First, Where have the LLWS options gone?

The first golf match, I have Na as a 51/49 favorite based on the last two holes. I might be taking more risks, but I’m not crazy. I’ll pass that. Another small edge in the soccer game so I’ll pass that.

I think the first good option is J.B. Holmes paring the 16th hole. I’d guess, and set that at 65/35 for Par. So J.B. PAR it is.

Olumac W/D is the best option in the second soccer offering, but I’m not risking it overlapping the Glover/Mickleson 1:11 Tee Time. Over two years, I have Phil as a 63/37 favorite. If I lose the J.B. PAR, then I’ll take Tiger any score not birdie, which I think is somewhere at 55-60% favorite.

For the rest of the day, K.J. Choi par is probably 62/38(assuming Holmes is 65/35) because Choi is worse than the average player in the field, but par is still the likely option.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be at 7 and need to reevaluate. So it’s hard to say now, but I wrote down the Shock at -4 -108 favorites last night and the Sparks are in that neighborhood too, so those seems like a decent options if I am playing a little looser.


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  1. And… Baddeley finishes with a bogey. Most frustrating golf day ever.

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