In between not showing the two of the players who made the playoffs, CBS’ announce crew was absolutely hammering Sergio today. If I didn’t hear the almighty Jim Nantz ripping Vijay’s putting on Saturday last week, I would say this was the worst I’ve ever heard golf announcers do.

There main contention seemed to be Sergio’s putting and his swing being totally off. As always, I’ll defend Sergio putting because Sergio isn’t as bad as a putter as most people point out. He is actually a very good lag putter and from mid range. Where he struggles occasionally, is getting the yips on shorter putts. You can’t deny this, but he also made some big 5-10 footers on the back nine to give himself a shot.

I don’t know what was in Peter Kostis’ orange juice this morning but he was not a fan of Sergio’s swing at all. The first thing we need to point out is Sergio played 25+ holes today is scorching heat. To be honest, his back nine woes can probably be fairly contributed to being a little tired.

But to be fair, Sergio’s game has been a little off. I went back and looked at his swing vision from last year’s Barclays:

Peter Kostis made a point on swing vision today how far Sergio was underneath his original plane when he started his famous lag at the top of the golf swing. I couldn’t find that swing vision but it basically looked like this:

This was actually my theory about why Sergio has been struggling recently because he was dropping the club too far underneath the plane, which requires incredible timing to square it back up at the bottom. So I froze the swing vision from above:
I’m pretty sure the camera wasn’t directly behind Sergio so that’s why he actually appears to be over the line. His angle on the downswing is still steeper and underneath the address plane.

That’s not as terrible a move as some people would make it out if you are as talented and athletic as Sergio is. It requires standing up on the left leg to clear the hips and an active right hand to flip the club around and back on plane, but a guy like Sergio can pull it off.

Now the guessing part, I’m guessing somewhere around hole 15 for the day, Sergio’s legs started getting tired. When his legs got lazy and didn’t stand up quite as quick, he stuck the club straight into the ground. That would explain why he was making divots with his driver late yesterday. To keep guessing, I’d say Sergio’s struggles with his ball-striking this year are as a result of not practicing as much as in the past and being a little off with the timing. I have no idea if that is true or not.

I don’t want to steal from my over/underrated post that is coming before the playoffs, but Sergio is number 2 on my has a lot of potential to improve list right now. Not sure what the price will be next week, but if you like Sergio, you got lucky that he played 61 good holes and 11 bad ones, which all came on live national TV.


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5 responses to “SERGIO IS TERRIBLE

  1. Feherty’s defense of Sergio/open insubordination toward groupthink was another example of why he’s the best golf commentator we have.

  2. Corey

    I think Sergio is getting to upright at the top. His downswing isn’t the issue as the club passes thru the right forarm. I haven’t compared that video to older ones, but I would assume you would find his left hand more in line with his right shoulder. Sergio has more pure talent than almost anyone on tour… IMO. Which means nothing.

  3. “Sergio has more pure talent than almost anyone on tour”

    Except for Tiger, I agree with you.

  4. As far as the swing goes, being too upright at the top is probably part of it, but then he lays the club off on the downswing, and flips it back on plane by with his legs and an incredibly aggressive right arm action. Pretty impressive swing.

    I’d like to see him stay more on plane like Tiger, which would eliminate the timing issues Sergio seems to have sometimes.

  5. Corey

    Tiger has a lot if talent, but his work ethic us why he is what he is. Tiger does IMO have a perfect golf swing…biomechanically and is the best putter that has ever lived (as you’ve stated). There is a story that could easily be BS, but supposedly Daly asked tiger on the way to the gym why he works so hard and Tiger replied “if I had your talent John, I wouldn’t have to”
    great site…

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