Little League baseball is a fairly easy sport to handicap, in my opinion. There is a direct relationship between time of the year playing baseball, assholiness of the parents, beard-to-player ratio, how many 14-year-olds you sneak on the team and quality of play.

Streak at 1:

I’ll start things off with the surprising boys from Staten Island. This woke me up considering Washington was -1000000000 last week against whoever they played, but lets be honest if you look closely at the group(Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming) those are some terrible baseball states. Add in that the Washington weather is not much better than New York and Staten Island has more assholes, and seems like they would be the odds on favorite to cheat this year, so the pick is obviously New York.

After that, the streakmaster threw us all for a loop and took Chinese Taipei-Germany off the board and put up a total. On paper this looks like a huge mismatch, because they don’t play baseball in Europe, and the German team is most likely made up of American kids from Ramstein AFB. Not a huge pool to select from. I guess I would say 15-2 Chinese-Taipei if forced, but I’d rather that Staten Island ends early because there is no way I am passing an opportunity to refresh scoreboards involving 12 year old boys.

Finally, we have Warner Robins, GA, who sounds familiar(yup, I actually recognized a LLWS team). And, they are. We know Georgia has lots of warm weather and sounds like they have a lot of asshole parents, too. No surprise, Georgia is a big favorite.

Finally, this game isn’t on streak, yet, but we can always break it down. This one is a little conflicting, because there is no state made up of more assholes than Massachusetts. However, I’ll side with the weather of Texas and 5dimes and take Texas if the option is available.

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  1. This is top notch shit. Nice.

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