1:00: Alright, moving very slow this morning, but think I’m going to give this one a shot, for those of you who want to follow where 0-5 happens.

So, how does Tiger lose today? First, he probably won’t.

But, if there is any chance Tiger loses it will be because he doesn’t go after the golf course. Players are still going to need to make birdies, and if Tiger plays as cautiously as he did yesterday, there is a decent chance he gets caught. What seems more likely today, is Tiger starts even par through the front nine, someone jumps up and grabs a share of the lead(definitely not YE) then Tiger steps on the gas, makes 3 birdies in 4 holes and closes it out like he always does. It’s not a lock, though.

2:00: Good to know that less than 30 seconds in to the telecast, CBS has already conceded it to Tiger Woods.

2:11: CBS, If we don’t get a swing vision on Quiros today, I say you should lose your right to televise golf.

2:35: For a Sunday with Tiger Woods involved, this has gotten off to a pretty solid start. Any day where I’m rooting hardcore against Els, Goosen and Harrington is a good day.

2:45: Sergio Garcia, if you are paying attention take a look at what Vijay is doing on the putting green. It might help you to release the club if you look at the hole/target. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere Vijay played a round at Augusta one time putting with his eyes closed.

2:50: Tiger brought the A-game today. By that I mean, he is going to be firing at pins when possible. We’re screwed.

3:25: YE Yang is a balla! He’s playing like Michael Letzig, except the exact opposite.

3:36: Leaders EV based on my numbers coming into this tournament:
Tiger Woods -0.003
Y.E. Yang -0.002
Lucas Glover 0.003
Padraig Harrington -0.040

: Early thoughts:
-Tiger isn’t quite as good at saving par on greens that he hasn’t played 15 times.
-YE Yang has a damn good swing.
-Lucas Glover is quickly taking over Ben Curtis’ honorary title of my favorite golfer who gets too little credit for winning a major.

4:11: And Ben Curtis is taking back that title just as quickly.

4:23: Apparently an 8 last week was not enough for Padraig. I had already given up on my Paddy over 20.5 bet. Apparently Paddy hadn’t given up on his.

4:35: The top three are Woods, Yang and Kjeldsen. I feel like this is the Abu Dhabi Masters or something.

5:00: Just saw 14 for the first time today. Someone is going to eagle that. Everyone was hitting to that side of the green yesterday.

5:01: Ooooh. Yang leaves it on the lip right in the heart. That was painful.

5:07: Goosen and Cink lose by a combined nine shots to Schwartzel and Allen. Color me very surprised.

5:16: Rory McIlroy is 20 years old and about to finish in the top-5 of a major. That is pretty damn impressive.

5:31: YE Yang now +270 to win this major after entering the day 22-1.

5:38: “One of the best of the day from Tiger.” Unfortunately, CBS messed up and showed us a beautiful picture of the clouds. Someone is getting fired for that.

5:40: CBS. FAIL!

5:47: Brendan Jones has officially blown what at one point was a 5 shot advantage on Ross Fisher. I was due for one of those. Jones was 5 ahead walking off the 10th green, and walking off 16 is one back.

5:55: YE Yang sends South Korea into a frenzy, which reminds me:

5:00: Just saw 14 for the first time today. Someone is going to eagle that. Everyone was hitting to that side of the green yesterday.

6:02: More off topic about Rory: He made the cut in all four majors and finished t-3 in this one. Pretty sure there hasn’t been a bigger talent to come to the world of professional golf since Sergio.

6:17: Great back nine Brendan. YE! up one for the tourney with three to play and three on the day against Tiger.

6:21: VW points out Tiger is still the favorite. That seems absurd, there just isn’t that much difference over three holes.

6:26: YE! has some balls with that shot. I think if Tiger wants to win, he needs to start attacking pins with a draw. Better shot for him all week.

6:33: Yang now favored to win this major(-170 at WSEX).

6:45: YE! Yang hits by far his worst shot of the day. Tiger now has a huge putt coming up.

6:48: I hate to break to everyone buy 18 sets up perfectly for Tiger. He can hit two draws and should get a pretty good look for birdie. Who knows what YE! will do.

6:50: Perfect angle for Tiger to swing a draw into the left flag. I get the feeling he is going to hit an all-timer and Nantz and Feherty are going to go nuts.

6:52: Random guys that finished well that we won’t hear anything about:
Zach Johnson
Dustin Johnson
Ollie Wilson

6:56: Amazing shot from Yang. Right in Tiger’s face. Amazing.

7:05: Contrarian’s dream day on the course today. 4-1 +4.89.



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  1. Golf Is Fun

    Bob May’s Asian doppelganger ftw! That was strangely compelling.

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