This blog has three goals today:
-Cheer on and help the internet’s most famous ASSISTANT Club Mitch Lowe on his journey to the 91st PGA Championship Trophy in any way possible
-Get Mitch Lowe a shout out on a popularly read golf live blog. Twitter is not enough. It is going to happen.
-Become the first google search option for “Mitch Lowe” so Mitch’s mom is proud when she tries to find out how he is doing.

Feel Free to add your own inspiration stories, Mitch Lowe tidbits and anything that will help Mitch along the way.

Mitch tees off in an hour and 25 minutes or as it is more commonly known 0:00 Mitch Standard Time.

-1:00 MST: A few interesting facts from a buddy about Mitch Lowe:
-Mitch Lowe is not a perfect golfer. That is a gross underestimation of his abilities
-Mitch Lowe once made a hole in one on the 9th hole…from the first tee
-In his free time, Tiger Woods plays Mitch Lowe PGA Tour 09 on his xbox
-Mitch Lowe hit the driving range today, there were no survivors.
-Mitch Lowe can see Russia…from his hotel room at Hazeltine
-Mitch Lowe does not take practice swings, rather he shows the ball mercy

0:00 MST: Mitch has teed off. Rumors are he hit it 450 off the first tee, I can neither confirm or deny.

0:15: MST: Mitch T-2.

1:00 MST: Not looking good for Mitch. After a starting par, he goes bogey double, now three-over through 3.

1:20 MST: The promised land:

1:45 MST: Apparently Alvaro Quiros just hit into the Tiger, Beem, Harrington 3-some. Awesome.

1:47: EDT
: I am also thrilled right now about how this tournament is shaking out. Tiger is leading(15 shot win) and some guys on my list are contending. With Tiger playing the round he has going right now, almost any player will have more value now, than before the tournament started.

1:55: Alright folks, start guessing: Tiger -what? for tomorrow.

2:10: Who is going to be the best bet? Right now I say Sergio.

2:20: If you think anyone has ever played the game better than Tiger Woods you are an idiot. Sorry, but it is true.

: Dear announcers, stop talking while Quiros shoots. Anyone that has seen him hit, knows that the sound of impact is most amazing thing.

3:00:I can honestly say this tournament has gone from my least favorite tournament to one of the most entertaining days ever. Thank you Sabrina, #MitchLowe and twitter.

3:10: I would feel much more confident in America if Paul Azinger wasn’t sucking in his Citi shirt right now.

3:43: Well played, sir.
[Comment From Mitch Lowe]
“”Just stupid long, though.” – That’s what Jason Sobel said to me when I caught him creepily looking at my urinal ”

3:57: I swear, what I am typing as “Cheech Lowe” is hilarious. It just isn’t getting through. Judge for yourself:
After hearing that Mitch Lowe will be paired with Mitch Cumstien:
Cheech Lowe: Stop making fun of my dad. I feel like Joe Buck’s daughters at a cookout with Artie Lange.

: Thank you Stewart and Angel for sucking, but ZJ and Lucas by no means have this tied up.

4:37: It’s not quite over yet, but I’m getting the feeling that Mitch Lowe> Master’s Thursday based on my traffic.

5:33: It is official Biggest day in Blog History. Like I always say “dumb people think being smart has to do with success, smart people realize its more a factor of hard work and circumstance.” In this case, circumstance came in the form of a 42-year-old assistant club pro from Modesto, CA.

6:05: What are we thinking for odds? Vegas has to have Tiger at over 50% considering how well he played today?

6:24: Jim Nantz doesn’t know what to do. He has to announce a shot from Gonzalo-Fernandez-Castano.



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  1. rolub

    At this pace, Lowe is going to beat playing partner and PGA Tour pro Paul Goydos by 18 strokes.

  2. rolub

    Mitch Lowe scoffs at Sobel’s DFL comment and birdies #7.

  3. Alvaro Quiros is also winning the fucking tournament right now. Hilarious.

  4. I’d love to know what inside info there was in that match-up.

  5. “What are we thinking for odds? Vegas has to have Tiger at over 50% considering how well he played today?”

    He’s available right now at -129 at MB & -156 at WSEX.

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