Tiger is a genius
For anyone who has ever played the game of golf, or watched how it is played at the highest level, the genius of Tiger Woods is clear.

I know everyone will talk about his birdies or eagles or 6-irons that carried 215 yards over water to win a tournament. But, the true genius of Tiger Woods is in the variety of shots he plays.

Take the number 180. 180, that’s the number of yards Tiger stood away from the hole on his 3rd shot on 16. That’s also the number Tiger was away from the hole on 17 Saturday.

Of course everyone will remember the down wind 8-iron that sealed the deal as Padraig Harrington fell apart. But to me, the half cut 5-iron on Saturday was equally as important. I bet that shot came off exactly like Tiger wanted.

In the end, he two putted from 20-feet and tapped in for birdie en route to claiming the title, but this was another example of how Tiger can see and execute the game in a way no one else can. That is the genius of Tiger Woods.

Hurry up
Tiger was pissed that they were seemingly put on the clock for no reason. But, there were three reasons: C, B, S. I guarantee CBS was trying to get the tournament finished by 6 o’clock so they could make way for their amazing Sunday night prime-time schedule that I am sure no one watched.

The Battle

I’d imagine somewhere over Lake Michigan, Tiger had a million dollars a trophy and was laughing his head off that he convinced the media this was a great “battle.”

The fact is, golf is anything but a battle. It’s about shooting the lowest score you possibly can. Period. Tiger knows this, which is why he gets so focused on each of his shots.

Padraig on the other hand, does not. After Tiger stuffed his shot on 16, Padraig freaked out. I can understand why he wanted to match Tiger, but going for that pin from his lie was stupid. He should have laid up there, and laid up on the ensuing chip(playing more to the middle of the green and taking water out of play).

If Paddy lays up he makes 5 or 6 and is either down 1 or 2, but its better than making 8 and giving yourself no chance. Another famous golf saying is “It takes real guts to lay up on a par-3.” This wasn’t exactly a par-3 but laying up and conceding a shot to Tiger would have been a better option as Padraig still had two holes to recover.

This is another reason that Tiger is the best. I can count on my right hand the number of times mental mistakes in strategy have cost Tiger a tournament.*

*Putting it in the Water on 15, when he could have laid up and made birdie the year he lost to Immelman at the Masters really the only one I can think of. That water shot at 13 at Warwick Hills a few weeks ago would qualify if he actually lost, but he owns Michael Letzig.

Looking Ahead
Anyone else find it hard to get excited for the US PGA Championship? I have the usual cast of characters that draw my attention lined up, but I really have no idea what direction I wanted to go in. I’ll start breaking down the field later tonight. Also, Rankings will be updated by tonight on that respective page.



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  1. rolub

    Someone should have informed CBS that they’re running repeats of their pompous, fluff-filled goldenboy, 60 minutes. I’d rather watch Padraig walk back and forth around the pond on 16 a couple more times than CBS’ regular programming.

  2. Agreed. Especially since I heard golf was the second highest rated program on the overnights yesterday (The football game was first).

  3. “Anyone else find it hard to get excited for the US PGA Championship?”

    No. Most definitely not.

  4. I’m coming around slowly, last week just pissed me off.

    Also I’m stealing the groups right from Pinnacle this week, because they are smaller and we might have a chance to actually get a few winners in the contest. Right now, I’d say Scandanavia, US and Rest of World would be the most fun, but let me know if you’d rather do another group.

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