2:05: Stricker, Mahan, Villegas all in action, I think it is time for a frequently updated post.

2:21: Got to love how today was finally the day that Tiger Woods actually lipped OUT on a putt.

2:26: Have a feeling that Steve Stricker is not going to get much T.V. time today.

2:44: Breaking news, Prayad Marksaeng is a world class golfer. Wait, that’s only breaking news if you are a Golf Channel commentator.

: Mahan in with another birdie, moving into the top-10. Meanwhile, Brian Gay plans to hit a GIR sometime late Sunday afternoon.

3:57: John Rollins was -10 in Reno today. Pretty sure that is going to hold up as a pretty darn good round considering that no one else is better than -5 right now.

4:33: Only been half paying attention, but I can’t think of a reason why Mahan and Stricker have not been getting more attention from TV.

4:35: Wondering what the line on Tiger will be. Assume he’s still the favorite, but I don’t think the price is should be too crazy with Tiger not playing in the afternoon, probably hitting the ball better today and getting unlucky with some close putts. I’ll say 2-1 range.

5:25: Guessing favorites right now, I’d have to say Tiger followed by Paddy, Clark and Stricker.

5:37: Mickelson 69 or higher looking pretty good in SftC:

5:47: Phil Mickleson makes par on the last. Streak at 2. I think this is the end, odds will be up shortly.



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  1. Eric

    Out of curiosity, who are they showing a lot of from these afternoon tee times? Besides Phil, of course…

    Any televised shots of Randy Fisher? As a point of reference, I think this is him: http://tinyurl.com/krcw9p

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