Wow, what a clusterf*ck this conference was last year. I think you have to say that Penn State was the best considering there dominance in net yards against the conference and win @tOSU.

Score-wise, The Ohio State University put up a lot of impressive wins but they really weren’t as impressive in net yards as you would expect. After Penn St, you could make a case for Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois or tOSU as the next best team, although any reasonable argument has to end with tOSU, I think.

I guess, in the end that is a pretty irrelevant argument to make

Ohio State as the favorite for this conference seems pretty silly to me. They return 12 starters and have to replace 3 offensive line spots. It should be interesting to see Terelle Pryor with less experience on the O-Line and no Beanie Wells. The defense should remain pretty strong despite losing some big name linebackers. The D-Line and Secondary are mostly intact, which means they should be able to recover on the D-side of the ball. I can’t remember how far ahead of PSU the books had them, but I really don’t think there should be any difference between the two, unless PSU is ahead.

Penn State:
Can’t understand why Penn St. is so much lower than Ohio State. They were better last season, seem to be losing about the same, and have had similar recruiting classes(in terms of overall strength) come in the past few year.

The Nitany Lions will have some O-Line questions as well, but they should have a solid defense once again. They also miss Wisconsin in Big-10 play and host Ohio State. Honestly, looking at their schedule and I know others have said this, they really look like a good BCS Title team, although I’m sure I’ll regret one out as they miss a game winning FG against Eastern Illinois after not allowing a point the first five weeks.

After that I looked briefly into Wisconsin, Illinios and Iowa, but I’m not sure I like any of those options. I would have to say after Penn St, Illinois is probably my second best option. It’s also hard doing this without the 5dimes odds I saw last week. I don’t know where they went.

Ideas so far:
Penn St. to win Big11
Penn St. to win BCS
Georgia to win SEC
Ole Miss to win SEC



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  1. I’ve left the commentary to others, but my post on the B11 answers the quantitative questions straight from the numbers posted in Vegas and online.

    It’s also weird how you like Ole Miss and I hate them and you are so indifferent towards Sparty that you don’t mention them while I have a futures bet pending. I suppose that’s why we’re all preparing for football now.

  2. “Ohio State as a favorite for this conference seems pretty silly to me”

    I’ve posted this elsewhere, but the reasoning is tOSU has a better chance of winning @Purdue vs. PSU @ Northwestern. That is it.

    The books have them as pk on a neutral field. It comes down to schedule.

  3. I would say my CFB prep is just the tip of the iceberg at this point. I’m just trying to get a feel for some of the teams at this point.

  4. Wes

    This is kind of a nit-pick thing but tOSU is returning 3 starters from the offensive line, as opposed to 2.

    I was also curious about why you liked Ole Miss. To be honest, their offensive line would scare me more than both tOSU’s and Penn State’s. Their schedule doesn’t look too bad, but I was wondering if there were any other reasons behind liking them.

  5. Thanks, I saw 2 where I looked, but I’ll definitely double check that.

    I’ll touch on this later in final futures post(which is still a long way off) but it was mostly a combination of easy schedule and underrated last year. Like you said, they have some huge holes to fill that the public won’t necessarily account for because they were key lineman. It was just an early idea that I definitely won’t be betting.

  6. I should also add, there is no math behind any of this at this point. These are just initial reaction gut feelings.

  7. but it was mostly a combination of easy schedule and underrated last year.

    I might make the argument that they were so underrated last year that they are overrated this year. I mean, Top 10? Really? Based on Jevan Snead and… Houston Nutt?

  8. Yeah Wow, I really missed the boat on the Ole Miss projections. I was not expecting them to be anywhere near the top-10 in the rankings. I was also expecting them to be higher priced than Alabama and LSU. That is not the case at all.

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