Already extended my streak to L2 on a mispick with Verplank. Not like it mattered a whole lot because that was essentially a toss-up.

Next up, I’m thinking Tiger. Tiger historically dominates par-5s and that has been the case at Warwick Hills too. 18 strokes equates to -2 on four holes and I checked back and he has scored 18 or lower in 7/12 of his last three appearances at the Buick Open.

Elsewhere we have, The Mets, who are probably close to what Tiger is(55-60% range), Boca Juniors(unplayable -118) and Baltimore who is slightly better than the Mets. None of the other early options are as good as that. For me, it was a toss-up between the Mets, Orioles, and Tiger 18 or fewer. I like golf so I went with Tiger.

Later, there is no option that makes me feel confident in getting 2 so I’ll just take the best game. That seems to be the Pheonix Mercury although they are definitely not good enough to be getting 99.5% of the action. That leaves me with a decent shot of deciding on a 4-6 inning angle in the Giants and Phils game.

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  1. Going to take Larry Mize -105 over Watson in the afternoon for 1.

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