Because I currently sit at L4.

Taking the Phillies-Giants 3 runs or more, for no other reason then It would be kind of cool to get a negative red star. If it wins, it wins.

I’ll probably be in Grand Blanc Michigan for most of the day. I don’t really care about the cricket, because I’ll be max at 1, and I’m afraid that will limit other possibilites.

Tiger under 33.5 is potentially pretty good. I made the following chart:
As always, this is based on the course playing at a similar difficulty tomorrow as it did today.

For this to be 50-50, Tiger would have to be well worse than any conceivable average I have for Tiger, except his last three rounds. I think it is pretty safe to say Tiger under 33.5 lies in the 60-65% range. That will be my early pick.

After that Furyk is my pick(56%) against Yang for the first 9 holes. I’m taking Furyk even though SV Reid W/D is around 62% JA because at a low number I think a smaller pct + chance of getting a second option is better than just taking one higher % option. 5-6% is not going to be the difference between me getting to Bristol and staying at home.

A lot of options later, but I’ll figure those out on the fly.


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