Couldn’t find anything relating to a Lance Armstrong O/U position-wise although the over seems like the way to go, considering he is 37, the only cyclist I have ever heard of and apparently had a really good stage yesterday(feel free to correct me if I am wrong about that).

Denis Preistly is a -147/133 favorite at the Accenture World Match Play championship…of Darts. As cool as watching fat white guys throw arrows at a target is, I think that is definitely a pass at 9.

At last check, the rest of the options are garbage. I’ll be waiting for something like the Minnesota Linx(I am so cool!) personally. Good Luck if you play anything, unless you are ahead of me. Staying on 9.



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3 responses to “SftC: NINE IS A BORING NUMBER

  1. Maynard22

    Betfair offers Top 3 Odds for Stage betting, and unless I made a mistake in looking up the numbers (I’m at work now and can’t double check), I’m pretty sure Lance was available at 6.6 to finish top 3 in Stage 17… which would make “any other place” pretty damn good value.

  2. Thanks, Betfair is not on my standard rotation of books to check for streak, but I’ll keep that in mind from now on.

  3. Lance did finish “any other position,” btw.

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