Running low on time and motivation this week, so I’ll keep it simple:

Alex Noren to win +5500
Alex Noren top-5 +800

Like I said, I grabbed Noren right away when I saw he was over 50-1. I actually think 45 is still an acceptable price because this is such a week field, Noren has lots of potential and is legitimately one of the top-5 best players in this field. Even using only my yearly numbers(where Noren just lost a top-20 finish at the Open), This is still a generous price. Thought about Aiken, too, but I’m a little scared by his inconsistency.

Canadian Open:
Kevin Na +4000 to win
Kevin Na top-5 +800

Camilo +100 v. Retief(1)
Kim +115 v. Weir(1)

I like Na this week, because he seems to be underrated, played well last week and at this course last year and is definitely not one of the top names in this field despite being one of the better players.

I was begging for Camilo v. Retief all week last week, so of course it comes out this week. Kim v. Weir is another example of taking the better player, with more upside, against the older home favorite. Really thought about Goggin against Kelly, although that seems to easy unless Jerry Kelly is getting tons of love from middle aged white guys. That line should be -145, though, judging by my numbers. Chalk it up to jet lag, I guess.



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  1. I just converted 60,000 BM Bet Points into $390 cash dollars for the purpose of tailing you on the fine outright selections above.

    New lows indeed.

  2. If you want to see how to ruin a great round, check out Noren’s last three holes.

    Anyone else want to start up a “send Alex Noren to short game boot camp” fund?

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