8:30: Off to a slower start than I might have liked today. Good thing Steve Stricker was not off to a slow start. There are a few guys from the past at the top of leaderboard, but with Villegas, Stricker and Singh at the top its also pretty strong, too.

8:49: Tiger letting me down with and +1 first round. Good for Steve Stricker, Good for Jason Sobel, not good for random idiots with twitter accounts. Tiger is 5 off the lead, sorry Tom you don’t count and will probably still be the favorite tonight.

8:56: Worst Open preview article this side of Jason Sobel. Damn, can’t find the link, but someone tried to handicap the open field and set odds. It added up to 184% with only 22 players.

9:10: What is worse interviews with people who can barely speak English or Tom Watson leading the British Open right now. Really?

9:18: Historical note: Greg Norman shot 63 here in 1986. That was over 11 shots better than the field average for the day. By comparison, Tiger Wood’s 63 at Southern Hills was only 9.8 shots better than the field average.

9:29: Pro’s think Turnberry is fair. Translation: EASY. Let’s hope the PGA of America still has some balls left in setting up their course.

9:43: The random British announcer tries to make a phone number joke involving Kim’s 4-9-4-3-3 start. Yeah…in America phone numbers have 7 digits.

10:13: It looks like Tiger is in danger of having a worse than field average round. By my count, that would be only his fourth in the last 57 rounds worldwide.

1:12: Only been half paying attention for the past few hours, but I need to give some credit to personal favorites Ben Curtis and Mathew Goggin for posting solid rounds. I’d have to say now it is Stricker-Villegas-Curtis-Woods in terms of chance to win.

1:30: If you are scoring at home, Goggin(Senden not listed b/c of late entry) is leading the Aussies, Jacobson is leading the Swedes and a crapload of Englishmen are tied at -2.

1:54: MAJ fires up the Cigar in the post round interview. Well done, Sir.

2:25: Forgot to mention this, but I will now, only because I haven’t looked at the leaderboard yet, Kevin Na was my gut-instinct-in-less-than-10-seconds pick to win the US BANK.

2:26: And…He is 3-under through 6. Hopefully he doesn’t win or that might aggravate me.

2:40: Alright I think I am calling it a day with the infrequent not informative updates, but I’ll be back once the round is over, with a recap and updated odds.


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