I’ll probably be the only one in Contrarianville playing this, except for maybe Cajun, who listened to me on Charley Hoffman(Sucker!).
I’m taking Woody Austin. By my numbers Austin is a -150 favorite over 18 holes(-130 at some place called “pinnacle”) plus I’m getting the tie. Seems like 60/40 to me. But, this was my real reason:

Mark’s picture looks like a party boy………..
it will take him the front 9 just to wake up.
Woody seems like an early riser……. he’s my pick to WIN or TIE
Thats my strategy……. go do your own research ! hahahaaaaa
ID# 2193482

6 – 4 – 1

Thanks to KUTABATO for the advice.

After that, the WNBA is always enticing but I reserve the right to audible at the line. Go do your own research! hahahaaaaaaaa.



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3 responses to “SftC: EFF IT

  1. rolub

    What about the Ochena v. Creamer afternoon matchup? I’m assuming Creamer getting the tie is what makes this a pass.

  2. I know as much about women’s golf as the Tour de France.

  3. I’m calling off Austin because of the delay.

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