I have no idea, but I saw that he was in third after yesterday’s stage. VW says Astana is -145, so judge the merits of his trustworthiness on your own, but I think I’m going with Astana.

Couldn’t find a line for the Lacrosse game when I looked last night, but if it is better than the -120 of the St Patty’s day soccer game then I am playing it.

Still undecided about the 7’oclockers but I’m pretty sure Ill be taking the biggest Vegas line. Unless it is an WNBA game, then I’ll be going with +255. See you at 4.5.

P.S.: Lot of interesting lines in the Scottish Open. I’ll probably end up passing most of them but it could make for an interesting post on Wednesday.



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3 responses to “SftC: WHAT TEAM IS LANCE ON?

  1. I had u2.5 at -161/+141 this morning at 5Dimes for the soccer game.

  2. Thanks didn’t have time to double check this morning.

  3. Obviously kidding with the +255. I’ll be taking the Kingettes tonight going for 5.

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