We all know who it is coming from too.

Three notes about El Tigre:
-84% Winning percentage when leading after round 1.
-Tiger has been over 20 strokes better than the field average in his last four rounds.
-Tiger has taken 267 shots in his last four rounds. Of all the players playing those same four rounds, he is 6 shots better than second, AK, and 11 shots better than the next closest, Hunter Mahan, Ryan Moore and Lucas Glover.


Not going to add on the Tiger bet, which I actually love. In three days we have literally seen the Tiger line go from “People don’t think hes playing that well, we will just base it off this year’s performance,” to “Okay we’ll step it up a little bit,” to “Eff it, we are throwing out a ridiculous price.” That’s the best part about my numbers and objective comparison to the Vegas lines.

Tiger to NOT win +240(1)-match-up scale.
The best part about this week, is this is literally the best week of outright betting I have ever had and MOST likely I will lose money. Golf.


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