My streak stands at 2, thanks to some late heroics(at least thats how I imagined it) from the Braves.

Let’s start things off with Breakfast from Wimbledon, Feds was almost -130 last night to win in 3 sets. I assume Tommy Haas is adding almost nothing to three sets, but that’s okay because he is going to get steamrolled by Feds. 3.

If you’re wondering, based on how the course played yesterday, Tiger is probably around -115/-120 to shoot 67 or lower. That is far from perfect, though.

At 11, or immediately proceeding Feds 3-0 domination 4 or 5 games is around 60% in the second semifinal. 4.

Murray’s 3-1 Victory over Roddick will probably take up a decent amount of time, but Carlos Zambrano was -160+ at Pinny last night so that is a solid look, time/do I remember permitting. 5.

There are more options at night, but lets be honest with the WNBA on the table why even bother considering them. The Dream are -3.5 right now, but we all know that is Vegas speak for +45.5. The SA Silverstars are -6against the Chicago Fire. They’re record is worse, they will probably get steemed, lose, and become my second most hated WNBA “Franchise.”

See you at 6.


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