Let’s start things off in DC where AK has a two shot lead after a firing a course record 62.
That % on Tiger Woods is what I have right now. If you adjust it for how he played last year, it jumps to -160. That’s why I’m passing Tiger NOT to win.

I won’t be passing Jim Furyk, though. He’s got great results this year, no wins, and because of El Tigre and AK, got no attention. Even at Tiger’s best concievable projection for me, Furyk came out at 17-1. That’s why I’m not passing Jim.

Furyk to win +1800(.53)

Furyk at first glance at -135 over Kim was a good look. I have -125/125, though, so I’m going to have to pass. The other one I was looking at was Sean O’Hair +120 against AK, but that one got banged down to +110 and that seems pretty marginal for O’Hair.

Kaymer also shot a course record, but this one is a little more wide open. Passing the outrights, because I like where I stand with Noren, although this will definitely be another week where I don’t have his top-5 and he gets there.

However, if they still want to give me ridiculous one round match-ups with Noren I’m sold. Thought about Kjeldsen/Wilson -171 over Kaymer, just fading the course record and that could be value but there is no need to pay that price to find out against Kaymer.

Noren +100 over Willet(1)


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