After the Linx wiped through contrarianville like Hurricane Katrina in the 9th ward.*

*My streak of terrible opening lines is officially at 2.**
**This was somewhat censored from the awful MLK themed other opening line I had planned. Freaking Dreams.

I love being back at zero, it requires so much less thought and heartache.

Federer 3-0 is the first pick. I honestly didn’t feel like calculating all the individual odds on this one. Feds is good. He wins 3-0. After that I am going with Roddick 3 or 5 sets. Again, didn’t feel like calculating that, but it doesn’t seem quite as important as the logic “I love America/ Andy Roddick is a bitch.” Every square fiber of my body says Roddick wins in three or loses in 5.

At that point, going by the odds it Start W/D and the Calgary -7.5.

See you at 4.


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One response to “CLEANING UP…

  1. At 2, now calling and audible and going with the Royals. Small edge, but I am at a low number.

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