That one day my streak will be judged not by the color of the sports I pick, but by quality of the streak.

Yes, despite the worst opening sentence in the history of this blog, I am taking the “Atlanta Dream” tonight. It always gets talked about how streakers opinion does not matter, and for the most part it really doesn’t but this game has a lot of contrarian themes running through it that make it possible that -260 understates the actual chance. Atlanta has a worse record, is at home, seems less popular, and there has been some promising line movement. Again, not a guarantee but the chance of them winning could be slightly higher than the line indicates right now. It’s a small edge if any at -260, but it’s enough to go on at 9.



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3 responses to “I HAVE A DREAM

  1. It’s at -275 now. Line movement is just one more thing we can curse when they lose.

  2. Who didn’t see that one coming?

  3. I’m pretty sure we all sdid. Yet, were all at zero.

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