As always Groups are a combination of the first lines I see(The Greek) and my numbers. Matchups come straight from the Greek’s lines on head-to-head, and use and a vegas adjustment of my numbers for the spreads and finishing position. Winning total comes straight from last years leaderboard.

Just a heads up, when you send me an entry(to rexfordbuzzsaw@gmail.com)please include your team name, it makes it A LOT easier for me. Thank you.

Should look something like this, which will be my entry for the week:
Team Name: RexfordBuzzsaw

Under-30: Sean O’Hair
Over-40: Michael Allen
Worst Winner: Lucas Glover

Steve Marino -3.5(2)
Tiger 1-t3
Matthew Goggin
Mike Weir

If your not involved there is plenty of time left considering no one has hit a group winner worth more than 2 points since the PLAYERS. $150 prize to the winner, there may be a second place(READ: Much worse) prize in the works, too. All entries must be in before the first tee time on Thursday.

Here are the most up-to-date standings:


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