Hunter Mahancrush
Hunter Mahan is quickly becoming my favorite golfer not named Tiger Woods. I absolutely love his swing and the way he hits the ball. Hunter would probably tell you that he isn’t a good enough putter yet, but when looking at my numbers its hard to say that he hasn’t done anything well enough.

Mahan has only one career win, part of a ridiculous history at Travelers, but it shouldn’t be too long before he collects more. Mahan is in the top ten of my newest rankings and at 27 should keep improving over the next few years.

That got me thinking, best players under 30 without a major.
1-Sergio: Sergio appears to have lost his form or mind, or both. Still he is one of the handful of most talented players in the world. His swing looks a little out of rhythm right now, but once it returns to form he is too good of a ball striker to not win a major.

2-Rory McIlroy:McIlroy doesn’t have the results that the other 5 on this do, but it is only by a small margin. McIlroy has to be the most obviously talented golfer to step on to the world stage since Tiger Woods. It’s tough to say he has that ceiling on him, but as one of the 25 best golfers in the world at the age of 20 there is definitely a lot of potential.

4-Anthony Kim: You might get distracted by Kim’s relatively slow play this year. There could be all kind of reasons for that, but the fact is it is incredibly hard for a young golfer to repeat a breakthrough season. When I was looking at some of the career arcs last week, I noticed guys in their twenties tended to take one step back for every two forward. Kim will sort his game out at some point, and should become one of the world’s 5 best golfers.

5-Sean O’Hair: Sean narrowly edges out Camilo Villegas in my opinion because I’d rather take a steady ball striker, over a talented thrasher. Not much difference, other than my personal preference, though and both of these guys are future/present top-10 players.

Ben GIRtis
After calling Ben Curtis a relatively poor ball striker, Curtis had what was probably one of the best statistical weeks of his career. Curtis hit 65/72 GIR while the field average was 44.2 greens. Curtis didn’t win, but all jinxes should work out that well.

Sorry nothing more creative than CAPS LOCK for the title of this one. You would think that a network that pays a lot of money to show Golf on TV would, you know, actually show golf on TV. Instead I saw plenty of blimp shots of Hartford, lots of slow motion replays of Kenny Perry’s swing, lots of commercials, and lots of Jim Nantz sounding gay as he tried to wax poetic at the Travelers Championship like it was the freaking Masters.

Last week, NBC was faced with a distantly lurking Tiger and an actual tournament and handled it well. They showed the leaders live, and Tiger’s shots delayed or with no pre-shot routine. Lot’s of golf for everyone. CBS went the other route, and just didn’t show any live shots at all. CBS. FAIL.

Don’t ask me to pronounce his name
But Rafa Enchenique had a pretty solid back nine in Munich yesterday. After shooting a 1-under front nine, Rafa went par-eagle-birdie-birdie-par-birdie-par-birdie-double eagle. Just your standard 27. Unfortunately, he finished second by one shot to Nick Dougherty.

World Golf Rankings

Thinking ahead
-Not sure who I like next week beside Tiger or Mahan but that’s not really anything groundbreaking. Going further down the list how about Matt Goggin or Mark Wilson?
-I really hope AK and Hunter Mahan fall apart before the British Open, because I think they are great looks there.
-The National is the next event in the Rexford Buzzsaw Contest, I’ll put the picks when the lines come out, let me know if you want to get in on it.


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