1:50: Not sure how much I’ll be around today, but Ben Curtis’ lovely shot tracker birdie on one really got me fired up.

1:58: Relevant/Interesting what do they need to shoot estimates, based on how the course played the first three days.
Perry Top-5:70
Perry to win: 66
Curtis Top-5:67
Curtis to win: 63
DJ Top-5: 63
Goydos to win: 67
Mahan to win: 62
Kim to win: 62
That sets the winning total at -20. 19 for a playoff. Oddly enough, that’s what the streakmaster thought too.

: Which infomercial product killed Billy Mays? I say its a toss-up between the GraterPlater, Omni DuelSaw and the Ding King.

2:39: Whatever noise making device the fans at the Confederations Cup are using has overtaken thundersticks as most annoying noise maker at a game.

2:42: Was that a skilled soccer play from the US?

3:02: In the last 10 minutes US Soccer made it 2-0, and DJ Trahan jumped into the top-10. You decide which is more amazing.

: US got away with one there. Good too see the refs love Freedom, too. DJ has missed two birdie putts inside 10 feet in the last three holes. That is the DJ we all know.

4:02: Sit back and play defense Soccer just failed.

4:21: Can’t decide if this is a good loss or a bad loss?

4:32: Curtis is only three back, I don’t think he has a shot considering the leaders have more holes left. I’m just hoping he can get all the way into the top-5 with no dead heats.

4:36: Watching golf on CBS is so frustrating, they continually refuse to actually show golf, as exciting as watching Perry walk down the 13th fairway is.

4:40: If you go by the players I have seen on TV so far, only Merrick, Perry and Goydos have a shot of winning.

4:45: Eff this. I have seen more shots from Lonnie Nelson(Champions Tour) and Jeff Gove(Nationwide Tour) than Ben Curtis. SECOND FREAKING PLACE. FORMER MAJOR CHAMPION.

5:12: Mahan and Tag Ridings make birdies and the payout for Curtis keeps shrinking. Hopefully, Curtis has one more birdie in him.

5:15: Comment from Mike C in the Live@ Window pretty much sums up the day:

Nice thing about @Live is you get to see golf! CBS is great at showing just about everything but golf shots

: Does someone in the CBS Truck have a personal grudge against Ben Curtis? Why is Tag Ridings on TV and I have literally seen one Curtis shot since the Soccer game ended.

: Curtis misses his birdie putt on 18. In fairness to him, he was A)Nervous as he doesn’t get on TV much and B) distracted by Jim Nantz’s fake laugh at a stupid joke. Smells like a dead heat to me.

5:34: Wish I took the bet against Goosen right now as Nick Dougherty won on the Euro Tour this morning. Got to give Rafa Enchenique credit though he came up one shot short, for shooting a back nine 27 that included and eagle and a double eagle.

: Perry wins, I get dead-heated, still a very solid week. Breaking down how I have done since the EPGA Championship, I have lost a little on pre-tourney outrights, made a little on one round plays and done very well on in-running winners and pre-tournament matchups. All in all, +15.15x.

5:54: Gotta like how my numbers projections worked out this morning. 19 was a playoff, 20 was the win. Obviously KP played a pretty solid round today.


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