And what a coincidence I’m starting the day off at ZERO, after the marginal LSU Tigers decided to play like the Washington Nationals. Thanks guys.

I think I’ll start things off with Serena Williams. There wasn’t a line out for number of games when I checked last night, but at -2200, that sounds like under 18. 6-3, 6-3 sounds pretty reasonable to a person who hasn’t watched a women’s tennis match in a long time.

Will that take under 2 hours? It seems likely. Will I be paying attention for the next Tennis prop? Probably not. I think I’ll take the 11th ranked player I have never heard of, over the American I have never heard of if I do. Seems like the better player would have a better serve, I get the tie, and ESPN Streakers are salavating Red, White and Blue all over Querrey.

Speaking of Pissing on the American Flag, The Spaniards have to be the look on the at the 2:30 game. At -1.5 they are small favorites, but my streak will be at no more than 2, so why not?

Joe Blanton has been good, but you have to imagine the Tampa Bay Rays first five inning line will be the best of the night. As an added benefit that should be over relatively quickly and Seattle or FC Dallas and the win draw could be late night options.

See you on Thursday at 5.


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