I decided to go with no outrights for this tourney, because there are very few European players that I am willing to take a shot on and none of them had the appropriate price this week. Here is a list of four guys that intrigued me and I’ll be following this week:

Luke Donald
Chris Wood
Thomas Aiken
Michael Hoey

Of those guys, I think Aiken is the best look, but he is not quite consistent enough for me to take a shot with. In his last 6 Euro starts he has 3 top-10s and 3 MC’s. Of course there was the whole Memorial situation too. Still, my numbers say 30-1.

Here is the Leans list:
Donald -110 v. Kaymer
Aiken -135 v. Daly
Hansen -125 v. Fasth

Hansen played too well last week, so despite the struggles of the once okay Fasth, that one is a no go. Aiken is okay I guess, because Daly hasn’t been that good in the long run. However, it does appear that Daly has made some changes and is somewhat rejuvinated. Plus, do I really feel like laying -135? No.

Kaymer is the defending champ and at home in Germany. Donald has never played in the BMW International. Donald is certainly better than Kaymer, but not that much better and It’s not like Kaymer is that popular. I think I’ll pass that one as well.

Boring week in Germany.


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