Mike Weir

Weir is good, I guess, but I just can’t see him competing at the top of the leaderboard next week.

Todd Hamilton

Speaking of obscure Major Champions with almost no shot of winning next week.

Lee Westwood

Westwood gets somewhat lost in the excitement that was last year’s Open at Torrey Pines. Westwood had a putt on the 72 hole to make that playoff. Then he reminded us why he was Lee Westwood and not Tiger Woods. 80-1 is an okay price for Westwood based on the last year of play, but has no recent results to prove he is capable of winning. I also don’t know what kind of upside there is on Westwood as a 36 year-old-many-time-Ryder-Cupper.

Azuma Yano

Yano snuck into the US Open by 10 million(fill in Japanese Golf Tour Currency) and 6 spots in the World Golf Rankings. He looks like the Japanese version of the gay winnerloser(I think) of American Idol. Two wins on the Japanese Tour, a missed cut at the 08 British Open and a 76th at Doral are all can find out about him. No Shot.

Clearly I was on the right track. My only consolation is that A, it is early(remember Thomas Aiken. Yeah, I’m looking at you Yano) and B Sergio and Mahan who were probably my two biggest opinions coming into the week are sitting at 17th and 12th.

I’ll be back later with a running on and off live blog for a lot of Sunday.


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