In fairness to Barnes and Glover, they have probably played the best of anyone in the field. After that though, the difference between Bubba, Tiger and Graeme and the actual -2’s is just tee times basically. I gotta believe that if Tiger wins his wave of the draw, he will take some pride in that.



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4 responses to “THE REAL LEADER BOARDS

  1. Blake1039

    Fantastic insights throughout the tournament so far. I like the golf analysis throughout the season in here, especially for the majors. I would have no idea where to begin when starting to bet golf, so I just wanted to air out my corny appreciation for your work.

  2. “I would have no idea where to begin when starting to bet golf”

    Don’t. It is by far the most frustrating sport to bet on.

  3. Blake1039

    “Don’t. It is by far the most frustrating sport to bet on.”

    I can see how outrights can be absolutely infuriating. I know you posted your overall golf record, but do you know what your record is in outrights, top 5s, top 10s, matchups, etc…?

    It would be interesting to see where your losses primarily come from. I know outrights and even top #s are more so long term positions when trying to gauge success than matcuhps so these results may be a bit misleading. So, as a beginner gambler I’m not entirely sure that would be useful come to think of it…but maybe when looking at it in a broad context and over a larger sample size, some valuable information could be mined out of these results.

  4. Overall, It’s been about a 50-50 split even though my winning percentage on outrights is terrible. I have also made a ton of stupid decisions/mistakes so far that have probably cost me about 20% of my bankroll. Now that I know what they are, I think it would be more productive to look back at After the Euro PGA Championship to the end of the season, because I feel like I have had a much better process since then.

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