7:51: Looks like the weather is better today. By better, I mean it doesn’t look like they need to call in FEMA to clear the 18th green.

8:00: Tiger misses a birdie putt from about 12 feet on number 9. He closes his front nine at 2-over. Interesting how with 6 holes of 1-over par he went from +190 to +225 to win. I can’t imagine his chances of winning really changed that much.

8:20: ESPN keeps cutting in with Tiger’s shots like its a Brett Favre Sportscenter Live special. Why not just show the whole tournament at this point?

8:41: Does it ever get old watching 2008 US Open highlights? I say no.

9:36: Tiger birdies 14, he now stands at even par. That should stand up as a pretty solid round if he can finish with 4 pars.

11:08: Phil is underway. He drove it right into the bunker on 10. Tiger absolutely butchered his final four holes.

11:22: Sergio off to a respectable par-par start. Looks like Soren Hansen has a shot to take the early lead after hitting it close on 11.

11:28: I definitely wish this tournament had shottracker, but the online coverage and ESPN has actually been pretty good so far, in that we have seen a variety of golfers.

11:37: I wonder who that guy is they always show yelling “hit the ball” is?

11:40: James Kamte is the “white guilt” featured player of the week. That’s great and all, but how about showing an international player that is actually good. We’ve been told several times that Kamte has such an uplifting story without actually finding out what that story is.

11:43: Not that I don’t like seeing Soren Hansen on T.V. but there is really no point showing the leader that started birdie-birdie on Thursday. It’s not like that is exactly the back nine on Sunday.

11:51: Sergio on the green in two on number 4. TV just doesn’t do justice to how uphill that second shot into that green is. It’s got to be 40-50 feet uphill from the bottom of the fairway there.

12:06: Looks like Phil is in the process of losing his ball on 13. That is a killer penalty.

12:11: Dear ESPN, Why are we showing lots of shots of Ben Martin and very few of Sergio Garcia? Something doesn’t add up there. Anyone here can have one good round of golf, in fact that’s probably how Ben Martin got here in the first place. Let’s see some guys that figure to be around all week.

12:17: Of the 15 guys that are at -1 or -2, Kim, Hansen, Toms, Ames, Weir and Hanson are the only ones who started on the back. Yeah 10-11-12 is a lot harder than 1-4.

12:21: Got to give a shout out to reader Jay’s favorite Stephen Ames who has a chance to get to -2 on the par-5 16th.

12:42: It’s real early, but this is shaping up to be a solid leaderboard.

12:44: Sergio makes his first bogey. The US Open has officially started.

1:00: Alright, putting this on hold for a bit. I may be back later if play continues.

6:21: Schwartzel starts with 5 birdies in 6 holes. I guarantee he gives most of that back.

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  1. Jay

    Very late but have Ames +13500 (.2). Wonder what Hamilton was… +$\infty$?

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