Washington: This really has very little chance of winning so its good that I am getting over +200. One concerning thing about the Nats of late, is it seems that the bats have slowed down a little and they are losing more 3-2 games instead of 11-7 games. Actually, that might be better. Stammen could be slightly better than the 0-2 6.45, but its not that encouraging with 8K:6BB in 22+ innings.

Cleveland: Hey look at that, It’s and AL Team. I am always quick to think Piniero is overrated because he isn’t striking anyone out, but he’s not really walking anyone, either. His FIP is actually lower than the ERA(3.10-3.97), but looking at the projections and his career numbers both of those numbers look unsustainable.

Pirates: Ian Snell(FROM DELAWARE) comes into this game with a stellar 1-6 record and 5.54 ERA. By stellar, I mean not very good. Still his peripherals are somewhat more mediocre than that and he his FIP has outpitched his ERA, although I would by no means say it was good. Porcello has a good record, solid ERA, but has not pitched that well peripherally speaking. Aside from the walks the peripherals on these guys are very similar, but a high strand rate and low BABIP(and probably better team around him) have helped Porcello to better surface numbers.


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