Texas was definitely done in time, but I forgot to go back and select San Diego so I currently stand at one.

As such, I’m taking Iraq win or draw this morning. It looks like basically a toss up and with more ESPN streakers on the Poles and the added bonus of getting the draw, why not?

After a 10 minute Google search I think over is the way to go in the FAI Cup match. The Over was between -182 and -161 so that looks like a solid play.

At 7, the Reds are favored but I am not streaking against the Nationals because that line is likely to be inflated by, oh, the fact that the Nationals suck. Cardinals are small favorites but I think that one is a pass as well. Red Sox with Beckett on the hill are -132, and probably the best 7 o’clock option.

At 8, The Penguins are small favorites after getting crushed in Game5. There is no reason to wait around, though for this game, with the potential of the Red Sox game to end earlier.

The Magic are four point favorites tonight, which is surprising considering they are down 0-2 in the series. That pesky thing called home court advantage is tricky. At -181 they are arguably the best option of the day by themselves.

The question is, do I take the Magic, or try to double up with the Yankees and someone else later. Since none of the other 10pm options seem that good and Yankees-Red Sox games have the tendency to take longer than international cricket matches, It’s:

Iraq-OVER-Magic, W4.


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