This is starting to get unbelievable.

It is actually pretty absurd to think how well Tiger played this week. He was almost flawless tee-to-green over the weekend. He ended up 2nd in fairways hit and third in greens.

That actually raises the question, why didn’t Tiger beat the field by more. The obvious answer to that is he didn’t chip and putt like Tiger normally would. He was 41st on the week in putts per round, part of that is hitting a lot of greens, but another part of that indicates he wasn’t scrambling all that well, relative to Tiger’s standard.

The second part of that answer, is that he did really dominate the field, just not over four rounds. Over the weekend Tiger’s 133 in the 3rd and 4th rounds was 5 shots better than the next lowest player in the field, Geoff Ogilvy(138), and 7 shots better than the third lowest Furyk(140).

Oh, yeah and he was 16.7 shots better than the field average over the two day period. That’s pretty dominate.

In taking a small look at the Career arcs of some PGA Tour pros over the past week, it seems that 33-34 is around the age where most guys peaked. The injury obviously affected Tiger, but it may be that Tiger is starting to get back to where he was last year and it could be game over for the rest of the PGA Tour.

When Tiger tees it up at Bethpage in two weeks, if he hits it like he did this week, he might win by 15 shots. That sounds absurd, but the penalty for errant shots will be much greater there and Tiger didn’t hit that many errant shots this week. Add in the fact that he can recover better from the missed shots and that could be a dangerous combination.


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