At one point yesterday I had the streak up to 3, but thanks to a random soccer team and the Braves I am currently sitting at L2.

Early on- Gonzalez is a -123 favorite over the man who defeated Jesus on red clay. No Idea how to gauge the front nine birdies total other than to say Curtis is overall better and Mike Weir holds the edge in Birdies per round by a 3.70 to 3.21 margin. For nine holes, that isn’t much considering the sketchyness of stats. I’ll roll the dice with Curtis, considering I am getting the tie. Plus, who doesn’t like rooting for someone in Cleveland Browns attire.

Jim Furyk is significantly better at noon at least in the past calender year. However, he is coming off a hot round and does not get the tie, two things which count as negatives. Probably a toss-up, as is Shamrock(Cool Name) and at 1 or 0 it won’t matter much, but I’m leaning more in the direction of Wahoo Baseball(-150).

Let’s hope the CWS is as generous to streakers as the WCWS. LSU is a -215 favorite(they must have a good pitcher) so that is the 7:00 o’clock freebie no matter what my streak stands at.

There would only be one more option on the card and that is CS-Fullerton(-470!!!!!). No doubt this is the best play of the week in streak. Gamblers out there may want to take LSU and pray it ends in 3.5 hours. The more cautious of you may wan’t to just put Fullerton in at 7.



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7 responses to “STREAKING FOR THE CASH: JUNE 5

  1. Didn’t see Florida State as an option. At -220(5dimes) they will be my noon time selection.

  2. “I’ll roll the dice with Curtis, considering I am getting the tie”

    The tie is huge, really.

  3. cajuncook

    I might roll with Ichiro and hope he gets a hit in his first at-bat and it gets graded in time for the late CWS game. That would be sweet, and worth the trouble (though I doubt I’ll be at my computer).

  4. Sucks to have Thomas Aiken in 2 of your plays. From 2nd to a missed cut. Wow

  5. Not around earlier…why was Florida State a push?

  6. cajuncook

    rain out.

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