Where getting mad at random women’s softball teams happens.

Apparently, they also play 7 innings in the WCWS.

Another busy day on the streaking front and I’m not sure how much of this I will be around to put in, but here’s what I would do with my streak sitting at zero.

8am-Serena is the small favorite, but in my uneducated Tennis view, she probably is more well known, so if anything that looks like an unplayable toss-up. In the Fed Match, Pinny has the Under at 38 -112. That probably means Under 39.5 is good value. With a low streak, why not?

2p -Pretty sure you can’t find odds on Under-20 soccer. The streakers seem to love Argentina, but that is in all likely hood because of cool uniforms. I’d tend to side with the boys in Orange and take the draw option as well. I doubt I’ll have enough confidence to play this unless I am back to zero, though.

7pm-Once again 7pm presents a plethora of options. We know who VTVT will be taking in the Bay-Miggy Total bases duel, but I’d rather not get involved with that. Angels as small favorites on the road is unplayable under any circumstances. Surprise, surprise, the Marlins-Brew Crew and Rockies-Stros basically are too. Not much of an choice at 7, I’d lean to Rockies if forced only because there true value is the only one I see as potentially higher than -108.

The Rest of the night- Lee looks like a similar option to the Rockies, The United States is actually an underdog to Costa Rica, but its small. Lohse is -130 against Cueto, but under no circumstances am I taking Lohse, because the true value is definitely less than that. Seattle was -126 last night so that’s not bad at 10. The Lakers are also 6 point favorites and this wasn’t added in when I checked last night, That has to be a play if they put that option up.

My streak will definitely be low tomorrow so its all about getting as much as I can. How does Fed-under, Dutch, Rockies/possible Lakers/Padres sound?



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3 responses to “STREAK FOR THE CASH: JUNE 3RD

  1. honcho

    Lakers are tomorrow night

  2. cajuncook

    Ichiro is a must play if possible, so you’ve gotta pick a 7pm option if you’re going to be around to pick it. I think it’s gotta be the Angels.. Bay/Miggy most TB is -120/-110 at Olympic which makes the Angels the best option on the board as they aren’t public.

  3. Wow. Don’t know how forgot today was Wednesday.

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